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Emotionally intelligent leadership

Emotionally intelligent leadership


  • Delivered Online

  • Beginner level


Let's develop the skills that matter

Being an effective leader or team member is all about working well with people. In today’s workforce, you don’t necessarily have to be the ‘smartest’ person in the room – but you do need to be emotionally intelligent.  

In this online workshop, Gemma will help you to understand the importance of emotional intelligence, reflect on your current strengths and implement ways of building your emotional intelligence skills as a leader.

What you will get from this 60-minute session:

  • Self-awareness around your emotional intelligence capacities
  • A practical audit tool to track your development
  • Confidence to develop your EI capacities over time

 How we will do it:

  • Understanding how emotional intelligence contributes to effective leadership
  • Exploring a model of emotional intelligence
  • Engaging in self-reflection and evaluation tools
  • Learning tools for developing different emotional intelligence capacities
  • Personalised action planning

This online session is designed to be as interactive or passive as you wish. You are most welcome to ask questions, share challenges and discuss your ideas. You are equally welcome to join with your camera off and just listen in.

This session will be held on zoom – you will receive the meeting link once you book your place.


Meet your trainer:

Hi, I’m Gemma Perella; a Personal Development Trainer and founder of The Self Leadership Initiative. The SLI is all about helping you to develop young leaders.

As a teenager in 2006 I stumbled across a leadership training programme that changed my life. I went from an introverted outsider to a confident and driven educator. Ever since, my mission has been inspiring and empowering young people to become the best versions of themselves.

Over the last 9 years I've been working with organisations that support young people. I deliver interactive and practical training programmes to equip students with the kinds of skills ‘they don’t teach you in school’ in order to help them become the confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent leaders that the world needs.