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About The Self Leadership Initiative

Creating confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent leaders.

The SLI is all about providing immersive and engaging training within the higher education sector so that...

  • You can feel proud knowing that you are sending empowered young leaders out into the world to do great things 
  • Your students can be top level performers in their studies and the job market
  • You can get on with what you do best, knowing that your student's development is taken care of

The higher education sector is fast paced and facing ever increasing pressures: Get students ready for employment, provide a rich university experience, score high on the national student survey, get great academic results, support students’ mental health and much more!

It’s no wonder that young people come out of the other end feeling that they are missing out on key skills they need to succeed. 

The pillars of student success

The Self Leadership Initiative focuses on core skills that your students need to become academically successful, find meaningful work and look after their whole selves in the process:

✔️ Leadership – Supporting students to find their unique style of helping teams work towards a shared vision.

✔️ Teamworking – Equipping students to use their strengths effectively to achieve group goals.

✔️ Conflict Resolution – Preparing students to effectively handle difficult conversations and find the win-win.

✔️ Organisational Skills – Teaching students to manage their time and motivation effectively to complete tasks and projects.

✔️ Public Speaking & Communication – Helping students assertively and confidently get their message across.

✔️ Wellbeing – Strengthening students self esteem, resilience and coping strategies for positive mental health.

Training tailored to you
You can find a range of publicly bookable workshops here on Cademy. However, what makes The SLI your specialist partner is the ability to design bespoke online and in-person training programmes to suit your student's and staff's needs. Visit the website to book in a free training consultation and have a chat about what you need.

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